Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Port a Cath

We arrived at a new hospital pretty early this morning. The reason for the difference in hospitals is there are only two that do this type of outpatient surgery around us. Also this particular surgery was booked up close to three weeks and they needed Seans in place by Monday. Once there they took him back for prep and handed us an American Pager which looked like a table coaster with lights. They told us they would let us see him before the procedure and would alert us when we could. About an hour or so later we were allowed to go back and see Sean. They had him in a gown, with an IV and he seemed a little drowsy. They took him back for surgery around 11:30 a.m. and told us that when the Pager went off for us to come back and check with the receptionist on how he was doing. I had forgot to mention that yesterday they molded a piece much like the mask they made for Seans head for his chest. It had seemed to bother him a little last night(possibly the heated needed to create it) and he was coughing more then normal so he didn't sleep as well. Once he was on the bed for surgery today he had pretty much passed out for that reason alone if nothing else. When the pager went off we were allowed to go back and see Sean. He was eating lunch and seemed in a very alert and positive mood. I asked him how the surgery went and he told me he could not even feel the port. The nurses around him were suprised he was as active as he was and that he was literally ready to go home. They explained a little more into what the port is and how it is used. The port a cath is connected to a catheter that is connected to a vein. The purpose is to deliver drugs quickly and efficiently through the entire body by way of the circulatory system. The reason this is a good ideal for chemotherapy patients is that the treatment can be toxic and should not be delivered through skin or muscle tissue as it can damage them. I have not been able to see the port as they have dressed it well to keep it clean and dry. He doesn't seem to be too affected by it being there besides a little tenderness. He is in a great mood and is acting as normal as can be. He is coming off the steroids which hopefully he will be able to sleep a little better once off them. I do hope they leave him be fore the rest of the week before Monday so he can rest. They mentioned the possibilty of hospitalization during the first chemo treatment and Sean won't hear of it. We will see what happens Monday but at the moment he is doing very well.

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