Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seans first chemotherapy treatment

Sean went for his first treatment yesterday morning. We were to be at the hospital at 8:00 am which surprisingly we arrived on time after allot of morning traffic on the freeway. When we arrived they took us to a different part of the cancer treatment floor that we had never been to and took Sean into a room. They checked his port and inserted the necessary tube for his treatment. The nurses were very nice and offered us several things from crackers to drinks while we were there. They then took us to where they would administer the chemo and set up a television in front of us. We watched a video that gave information on the treatment and what to expect as far as side effects. While we watched the video they gave Sean Benadryl in his port and a few other medications to control any nausea he might expirence. They then started the chemotherapy in his port and he fell asleep almost immediately. It wasn't from the chemotherapy but more from how comfortable the room and chairs were. I had a hard time myself staying awake. After the first bag of medication was finished about an hour and a half had passed. They then began the second bag and Sean watched a movie while the treatment was finishing. After the second bag was finished we were able to leave. Sean decided he felt fine and wanted to drive home. He never complained of any nausea and seemed in a very good mood once we arrived home. I expected some sickness or something after a few hours but by the time we laid down for bed he still felt normal he said. This morning was the same and all day he has been in a good mood. This evening he was a little tired and thankfully has not had any vomiting or noticeable side effects. He has some blood work scheduled for next week but besides the blood work and checking his white cell count he is free from the treatment for a few weeks.

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