Monday, June 8, 2009

Catching up

Lately we have been real busy and I only now have had a moment to sit and catch up with what has been going on. Sean has had blood draws every week since his first Chemotherapy treatment and they all have came back good. June the first we had a doctors appointment with the Chemotherapy doctors and we went over how Seans treatment was doing and whether he was having any side effects. The most Sean has had is some soreness in his legs and hair loss which makes me very happy considering. Sean had his second Chemotherapy treatment June the second and it seemed to go alot faster then the first treatment. He was a little tired after the treatment and the most he has complained of bothering him is still the soreness in his legs and a little fatigue. His port looks very good and he is loosing the weight from where he was taken the steroids before. He looks very healthy compared and his spirits are very high which is what counts in all of this. Three weeks from the second the doctors told us we will have a few appointments to go to. They plan to do a MRI on Seans head and chest to see how well the treatment has done. There is a possibility of radiation treatment after that but hopefully not. He has another blood draw scheduled for tommorow.

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