Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of nowhere hospital stay

Sean woke up yesterday morning and where his port a cath was there was a little of pus seeping from it. We called his Oncologist on call and was told to go to the ER and that he would possibly be admitted. Once in the ER we spent from around two p.m. to 10 p.m. in the ER waiting on a room. They had first thought that they might send Sean home if they didn't find and infection but they did after all and put him on IV antibiotics. Once in the room we were treated awesome but the oncology floor staff. The doctor in charge of Sean while in admittance came in and spoke to us. He told us that tommorow that they had decided to remove Seans cath. Around eight a.m. they came in and took Sean to the 3rd floor for what they called a "special procedure". They removed his cath and said that there was a little infection and it wasn't the worst they had ever seen. They started him on another bag of anitbiotics and that he would get it every 12 hours until dicharged. Once back in the room the doctor came and spoke with us and told us that they wanted Sean to stay one more night for observation. They are watching for any fever spike as well as waiting on a blood culture they took while we were in ER. So that is where I am at 9pm sitting in the hospital next to Sean. Will know everything tommorow.


  1. I ended up in the hospital when my central line catheter ... CVC ... got infected.

    Hope the blood cultures all turn out great and Sean can be homeward bound.

  2. I am so Sorry to hear about Sean. Hoping everything goes ok. Will be waiting to hear.