Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sean Updated

We were in the hospital until Friday around three pm when Sean was finally discharged. All of Seans test came back negative. They gave him a CAT scan, Heart ultrasound, Blood tests, Urine tests and several tests I cannot even spell correctly. They found nothing except elevated white blood cells. He was given antibiotics for most of his stay and did not have a fever accept when he was given the antibiotic Vancomycin. This antibiotic gave him something called red man syndrome which was relieved by slow infusion of the antibiotic. He also recieved the antibiotic Aztreonam with the Vancomycin. After they decided Sean had no obvious infection they went ahead and did his Chemotherapy on the oncology floor which was where we had been staying. He was already recieving the radiation everyday and begane his chemo. The two chemotherapy drugs they are now using are called Cisplatin/Navelbine which the doctor who administered claimed the dose Sean was getting wasn't as strong as we first thought. He told me that anything I touched with Sean body fluids on it up to 72 hours after his chemo treatment could be potentially hazards to me. I was instructed to use double gloved hands in handling his soiled clothing and to wash everything twice. The doctor told me Sean chemotherapy could put me at risk for cancer myself which really scared me. He told me to even be careful when I use the restroom after Sean. One thing they noted in Seans discharge papers was the words Reactive leukocytosis which I was not sure what it was. When we returned home we looked it up and even determined it could be caused by the fact Sean had been using Ibuprofen the other week when he ran out of Oxycodone for pain. This weekend Sean has been pretty okay, a little tired but he has not complained of headaches, has not spiked a fever and his sweats remain at night. They told us while he was admitted that the night sweats could be from the tumor and the fever could be what they call tumor fever. Regardless Sean is doing pretty okay for the moment. I will update as I know more.

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