Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on Sean and White Blood Count

Sean had a blood transfusion Friday which went fine. He had a home health nurse come to see him Saturday and Sunday and she administered a shot that helps with his white blood count and said that his vitals were good. Monday he had an appointment with his oncologist and she said that everything was going as planned and then discussed with Sean the ideal of having a pickline placed in him. She said that his counts were now good and that a pickline would help to keep from anything unpredicted to happen during Seans Chemotherapy. Once home I adminstered the white blood count shot to Sean myself (the nurse showed me how in detail) and then he recieved a phone call from someone trying to schedule an appointment for a port a cath. (A huge mess) Tuesday Sean resumed his radiation treatment and today he recieved a phone call before his radiation appointment from someone wanting him to come to Henry ford for the placement of a pickline. (No one had informed us of this until this morning) We went to Seans radiation then to the hospital downtown to have his pickline inserted. Once there we went and had lunch in the cafeteria as we were early. Around 12:30 am we were in the waiting room then were moved to the recovery portion of the ward where the doctor explained to us more about the pickline. It was a procedure that took around ten minutes and left two little tubes hanging from under Seans arm. He says he cannot feel them much which is a good thing. We were told to keep them clean and dry and to notify someone of any complications. Sean has chemotherapy tommorow following his normal radiation treatment. At the moment his temp is pretty good as is his blood pressure and heart rate. Note: Doctor said his heart rate could be up due to the medication, possibly the radiation.

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