Friday, December 4, 2009

Seans last chemo we believe

Sean had his last cycle of Chemotherapy today we believe (pending his doctors). The nurses on the Chemo floor all signed a certificate for Sean congratulating him on the completion of his chemotherapy treatment. I almost cried when I looked at it because of the thought they had put into it. We arrived at the hospital today at 9 am and they went ahead and did Seans blood work. It took awhile to get the results because the person who does blood work on the chemo floor was off so they had to send it downstairs. We were there until near 3pm which is a pretty long time compared to normal. Sean told me he has felt more better lately then he has in months and he still has his appetite and is in a great mood. I have to go out of town and unfortunately he can not travel with me due to next week being his neutropenia week. I will keep this updated best I can by what he tells me they tell him at his upcoming doctors appointment and any news with his blood work.

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