Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sean updated

Sean had another CAT scan Friday and we should have the results of this one this coming Monday. He has not felt good today and told me last night he has had vision problems(his Peripheral vision on his left side)since around Christmas which worries me and I was not aware of. He has been coughing since I returned back from my trip to the south(just before christmas)and now says he has a headache. I asked him how bad it was on a scale from 1 to 10 he tells me around 3. I asked him what he thinks is causing it and he tells me he thinks he may have swelling in his brain again which really worries me. He woke up today around 11 am and went and laid on the couch. I got him to come back and lay down in bed until around 4 pm then I got him to get up and have some lunch. He is on the couch now and has been dosing on and off for several hours but says his head feels much better. Hopefully this new scan will tell us something.

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