Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday improving

When we went to see Sean today he was very active. The nurse said they have lowered his sedation/pain meds which is real good. His oxygen is back down to 60% which is great. He had his eyes open and he was very alert. He would shake his head yes and no to answer me and seemed to understand alot of what I was saying. He gripped my hands alot and was focusing his eyes to look at me. I heard him whisper the word okay early in my visit when I was talking to him then the word "Home" when I asked him what he would like. I told him I was trying to get him home but we had to get him better first and asked if he understood. He shook his head yes. I told him I loved him and to squeeze my hand if he loved me back which he did. It really made me feel so much better that he was able to tell me that. He no longer has a fever and they also told me his elevated white blood cell could be caused from the steroids they have him on. I recalled when he had had radiation/chemotherapy before that his white blood cell count was once an issue a few weeks after treatment which made me wonder if that also was playing a role in the elevation. He has not been finished for that long with his WBR treatment so I will make sure to ask about it tommorow. They cannot find an infection except the pneumonia so they have continued to treat it with antibiotics. He was a little emotional when I was trying to communicate with him. I was afraid he was getting frustrated and I kept telling him that it was okay that we would figure it out somehow. Thats when he said okay. I am hoping he can get down to 50% oxygen soon so they can try to take him off the ventilator. He was 100% better then the other day and it made me feel so much better to "talk" with him today as I have missed him greatly. I reassured him that we would be there early tommorow and for him to get some rest and that we loved him. I noticed before leaving that they had turned his sedation down even more:) His stats looked great when we left around 1 am. I am intending to call the hospital before I go to sleep to make sure he is okay. He had alot of family visiting him today which made things nice. I will update more as I know more.

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