Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Facebook stalking

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

Ever since we got our internet through satellite internet service, I have not been able to stay off of Facebook. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it, but it seems like I have to look at it at least ten times a day. I always turn the computer on first thing in the morning while I am having my coffee. First I check my email, and then before I realize it, I have moved on over to Facebook. That is where I get my morning entertainment I guess. I get to see what my friends did the night before if they posted anything. Now if this is a Friday morning that I am looking at Facebook, I have plenty to look at from Thursday night. Everyone I know always goes out on Thursday night. I don’t even know how that got started. I guess we all did that when we were in college. Back in those days, everyone went downtown to all the bars and stayed out until all hours of the morning. Now that we are all grown and have jobs, the partying has calmed down a lot. We can’t just skip work because we stayed out too late. At least I have Facebook to keep me posted on what everyone is doing

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