Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coming Home

They let Sean come home on Monday and it was a little weird at first. He was still needing some help moving about and I was just happy he was home. He had a home health nurse come and visit him and we had to go and speak with the neurosurgeon about what was next. On the thirteenth we had an appointment with the neurosurgeon and the pathologist which informed us that Sean would have radiation treatment the next week. The lung doctor told us that they were not discussing chemotherapy at this point, not until after the radiation treatment on his head. On the fourteenth they took out Sean staples and he has had an OT and PT visit him at home so far. He has been in an excellent mood considering and I only have helped him once in the shower since and it was mainly to make sure he kept his balance. He was told not to be driving for two weeks but Sean is fairly stubborn and has not acted any differently then he was before the biopsy. He has been doing most of his normal things like mowing the yard and even managed to play some PS3 with me the other day. His coordination is back almost 100% and he is bored to tears being at home. I have heard too many times lately that hes ready to go back to work. We had a pulmonary doctor appointment Monday which was a waste of time. When we got there the doctor told us that the appointment was cancelled and he shouldv'e been contacted. They wanted to wait til after the radiation before they begin making any appointments for his lung. Since being home he has been eating like crazy and not smoking. He has been really restless and sometimes bored. He says that some things he eats or drinks tastes funny and the steroids that he is still taking makes him sleepy at weird times of the day. He tends to pass out during a movie for an hour and then he is fine which they said is normal on the medication. Tommorow he has the radiation which I am trying to prepare for. I realize he may be a little sick afterwards and just hope everything is better when it is done.

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