Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More in general

The whole time we were in the general part of the hospital we never seen but one of his doctors. They had his hopes up Sunday telling him he was going to be able to go home only to tell him he would have to wait until Monday which made me angry. One of the girls who came in to check his sugar and so on was a complete idiot. She was very rough and seemed pretty unprepared to do nothing more but check his sugar. Some of his meds were making his sugar spike which was something they were watching. Up until we got to general he wasn't allowed to have anything like pepsi due to his sodium being so low. Noone informed us if he still had any eating or drinking restriction and I had to literally hunt down the head nurse to find out what was going on. They came in on Sunday and told him if he wanted television they could keep it on and he would still be charged $5.oo a day. Up until then we were under the impression there were free channels(weather) but apparently not. He was so bored and the room was hot and believing we were going home he told her no thats okay I don't want to buy the non free channels. She said they all cost money and shut his TV off. I was pissed. We then found out that there was a Red Wings game on which we watch all the time and that he wasn't getting to go home. He was upset we couldn't watch it and I was mad because he was so restless and trapped in the room with nothing to do. I went to find the head nurse again and told them to turn his television back on as there was a game. She came in and made sure we could watch the game at least.
While in general we never saw a PT or OT and I felt the two days were very unproductive and a waste. I did urge him to use a walker and we walked up and down the hall a little trying to build some strength in his legs. By Sunday he was going to the restroom without me and was eating his meals with both hands instead of me having to cut his food and feed him. He was ready to go home and Monday morning come hell or highwater I was making sure he could.

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