Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After the surgery

After the surgery Sean basically got to learn how to make his arm work for him again. They shaved a spot in his head and there were about 12 staples in a line. They said that the tumor had metastized from a spot in his lung and they informed us he probably has lung cancer. After several days of me helping him to and from the rest room and trying to make him as comfortable as possible I was exhausted. I had a few run ins with the staff in ICU including this big waste of space that had the bedside manner of a nazi. While Sean was using the commode and you would just have to of seen the set up this room. There was a curtain seperating patients and the one nurse had fixed the curtain where Sean could use the bathroom without having an audience. This big jerk came in as I was helping Sean stand from the toliet jerking the curtain open being real loud. He yelped "Why was this curtain like this!" and I turned around real fast and shouted"Probably because he is in the damn restroom!" What made me mad was Sean jumped when the guy jerked the curtain which if he would of fell backwards he would have been hurt and I would have lost it. The same guy fussed at Seans mother and was generally rude towards us. Another person who got under my skin was Seans dermatologist. She was just ruthless and seemed pretty unmoved that when she was jerking the patches off his skin that she was hurting him. She checked him head to toe for skin cancer which is pretty common. Pulling his gown open exposing him with the curtain that covered the hall open and people being able to see in his room. She jerked a few patches off him and of course Sean has hair on his chest. Everytime she did he yelped. The one she pulled he made a very loud sound and I just blurted out" I think that might just freaking hurt". She turned around and looked at me and didn't say anything but I did notice she was being a little easier afterwards. One other person that aggravated us was a simple intern. After being up for two days I was exhausted and was dozing in a chair in the room. she came over and told me I was not allowed to sleep bedside and was really quite rude about it. I had no intention on leaving him if I did not have to and I was pissed that she had bothered me. I ended up napping in the car in the garage at one point. We were able to take a shower which seemed to make him feel alot better and they also removed the foley which made him happy. After a few more CAT scans they decided to move him to his own room in the general part of the hospital. The two days spent in the general part was a nightmare. The staff was rude and uninformed about what was going on with Sean. I had no ideal who his nurse was half the time and they really treated him poor compared. They wanted to charge him five dollars a day for television and a phone which is something I have never seen in my life. Considering every TV in every lobby or waiting room was on I couldn't understand charging patients for TV when visitors were watching for free.

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