Thursday, April 16, 2009

The next few days

In the course of the next few days Sean went through several tests and way to many needles. As for resting his mother and I spent near four days at the hospital only coming home to rest after the biopsy was done on a Friday. He had doctors checking for skin blemishes, other tumors and so many other things that I don't believe he rested more then five hours. They revealed to us that they had also found a mass in his lung but decided to not go into detail until after they performed a scheduled biopsy for Friday. I was petrified after hearing all the risks associated with the biopsy. They decided to do a pin biopsy where they only removed a small amount of the brain tissue they needed and assured us he would be fine afterwards. Sean had been fairly emotional during all of this which is something really uncommon for him. I was a little out of sorts by the level of his emotion but understood as I would be the same in a similar situation. They let us go with him to the pre-op before the surgery. I myself had cried so much since everything began earlier on that Tuesday that I was suprised I could cry anymore. We sat with him as they prepared him for surgery and I made sure to stick a prayer cloth inside his sock before they took him away. I told him that everything would be okay and that I would be waiting for him when he was done. I told him I loved him and could tell he was close to tears again. I hugged him best I could and blew him a kiss then went around to the other side of the curtain. I made it to the hallway before I began crying.

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