Thursday, April 16, 2009

The ER and MRI

When I got to the ER they had Sean already medicated with several needles hanging from his arms. We(his mother and I) sat with him for several hours waiting for them to move him to his own room. After most of the night they finally moved him to ICU. He was knocked out for the most part and they wanted to attempt an MRI that evening which the way the hospital works ICU only has access to the MRI from seven at night til seven in the morning. They had already did another CAT scan and were checking his sugar,vitals and many other things every hour constantly. They told us they were taking him downstairs for the MRI and we were to wait in the lobby. About ten minutes later a nurse came down the hall and asked me to go to the basement(where they do MRI's) telling me that Sean was "freaking out". I went down to the basement and looked for the right room where they had Sean. He was vomiting and sweating which scared me. There were several nurses around him which would have made anyone nervous. The fact he hadn't had anything to eat surely didn't help with the vomiting. I grabbed a cold wash cloth and started wiping him down trying to cool him off and calm him down. The nurse mentioned something about knocking him out in order to do the MRI and he was shaking his head "no" to the drugs. I told her he didn't want to be asleep and they decided to wait until the following night to try the MRI again. They took him back to his room and let him rest, I sat next to him while he did.

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