Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Petscan

We went to Seans Petscan today, early this morning. I hardly have felt as if I have slept for a month or slowed down. The steroids are making Sean cranky and he tends to take naps in the the evening now. When we got to the doctors office we sat down in the lobby and only had a short wait before they came out to get Sean for his scan. We were not allowed to go with him and was told that it would probably take near two hours for them to finish. Sean had been instructed to take a Zantac prior to the scan and he was druggy when he came out of the procedure area. He told me that he laid on a bed for awhile and fell asleep. He was then moved to a slab type table and he said he literally didn't recall the scan. He said he did know that they scanned him from his head to around his knees. He had not been able to eat anything containing sugar the day before as they were going to give him glucose and some other type of liquid the day of the scan. Sugar to my understanding could affect the scan results. Once we returned home he acted normal as if it were any day and we are to know in theory the results or something the 4th.

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