Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Chemo, The Lung, The Marking

Monday we had an appointment with the chemotherapy and lung doctors. They discussed the results of Seans Petscan with us which were good. We were told that the nodes in Seans lung were not affected and that after looking at the Petscan there were no other spots that they had found. They spoke to us about the scheduling of treatments and decided that they were going to do radiation for six weeks as well as twelve doses of chemotherapy. They also told us that we would have to come back and have a port placed in Seans chest for the chemo treatments and he would first have to have his lungs marked. After speaking with the doctors Sean had to have some blood drawn. The one nurse or whatever she was and I say that with sarcasm was a complete moron. She blew out two of Seans veins and after four attempts to draw blood handed it over to the senior nurse in the room. This girl was obviously training or something as I have never seen anyone so clumsy taking blood. Once we arrived home we already had a message waiting that we were to be back in radiology the next day for Sean to have his lung marked. Today we arrived at around two p.m. and they scooted Sean off into the back area of radiology. I sat in the lobby for close to two hours as they marked his lung for treatment. They had to inject him with a dye and literally came close of tattooing him with three dots on his chest. The medicines so far have seemed to not affected him too much. Besides his skin being dry and him sleeping on and off through the day he appears fairly well. After we left the hospital today we had another message waiting for us when we arrived home. Early tommorow morning we are to go and have a port placed in Seans chest for the chemotherapy.

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