Saturday, July 25, 2009

New on Sean

Sean went to his appointment Thursday to speak to the doctor about his port a cath and its healing as well as the scans recieved on his chest. Also his doctor mentioned the result of the scan on his brain. From what the doctor said the mass in Seans brain is gone and they have completely killed it which is good news. The kind of gray news was about the effects of the chemotherapy on his lung. I realized that before that more treatment was possible but had not really discussed this with Sean as I try hard to keep a positive attitude constantly. The chemotherapy did not shrink the mass and it even grew a very very small amount. The fact he only had two cycles of treatment leaves me to believe they were trying to see if that particular chemotherapy drug was a good match for Seans type of cancer. They told Sean that he will have to have a new port placed in his chest which he is not happy about and that they may try radiaition and chemotherapy together for his second line of therapy. We both agree that this is not bad news as much as disappointing as we hoped that it would of did at least something to the mass. I will post more when I know more. Sean has another appointment on Monday with the neurologist and then we will go from there.

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