Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sean Updates

Sean had been hoping to go back to work this week and returned Monday after a week off due to his port removal. We he got to work his boss told him he needed a discharge paper from the hospital. Sean has been trying to get this paper all week. When he finally got ahold of his doctors office they had changed his appointment from August the 13th to this thursday and suprisingly they also dated his return to work paper for thursday which was useless. I am unhappy with the disorganized manner they have handled his paper work this week and they literally have costed him a weeks paycheck playing the phone and fax tag game. Also they have made an appointment to go over the scan of his head this coming Monday. I do not know if I am going to get to go to the thursday appointment due to what time they scheduled it for. Sean is going to go into work tommorow and his appointment is for four in the evening so he is leaving from work to go. So we have two appointments set up for Thursday and Monday to find out more.

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