Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seans Radiologist Appointment

We went to see the radiologist yesterday and they went over some of the more basic things we already were aware of at first. They checked Seans oxygen which was at an awesome 100% and they showed us to a room to wait for the doctor. We spoke with two new doctors and they sat down and explained the new path they intend to take concerning Seans treatment. They have decided that for the next seven weeks they will be doing radiation on his lung five days a week which takes about fifteen minutes a day. On top of that they want to give him a cycle of Chemotherapy once a week. When we got home from the appointment Sean seemed to be in a decent mood enough that he was taking off his oxygen for half hours at a time, going outside and just relaxing and having a decent appetite at dinner. He looks really good today and hopefully after we speak to the ongologist at three today he will be feeling better as far as what is the next step goes.

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