Friday, October 2, 2009

Dropping the ball

We went to Seans radiation Thursday morning at literally dawn at the first hospital then drove downtown to Henry Ford to have his Chemotherapy treatment. When we arrived the nurse who escorted us to the chemotherapy room asked us why Sean had not had his blood work done before today. I told her he had no clue he was suppose to as no one had told us. She told me it should have been on his discharge papers from when he was hospitialized for the white blood cell count and fever . I told her the only thing on his discharge papers was for him to follow up today with his oncologist as some point. They had to do blood work first before beginning treatment due to the lack of bloodwork being scheduled. His count came back good so they started him on fluids and anti nausea medicine. He then recieved his chemotherapy which lasted not as long as we anticipated. I have came to the conclusion also that I do not care for people who are treating Sean being ill like it is something fascinating or worth gossiping about. He isn't a science project nor is his illness an indication of anything nor is his current state a prediction of something. Get a life:) Sean had his last radiation treatment for the week this morning and when we returned home I had to wash the entire bed and all of his clothes due to his night sweats last night. Also next week there is no chemotherapy planned.

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