Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update on Sean

Sean had radiation today and while at the cottage house he mentioned to the nurse some of the symptoms he has been having as of late. He hit a 103.0 fever last night which somehow I broke and fast. It scared me when I took his temp and frantically began tactics until it dropped to 98.9. The nurses at cottage decided to send him downtown to have his blood drawn as it was a scheduled day to have it drawn to check his white blood cell count anyways. Once there we were told Sean was going to be admitted and he was very angry as no one had even did blood work yet. After doing blood work he was told that he had signs of neutrophenia and most of his blood work and how off it was was due to the chemotherapy. He was sent home and was told that if he had a fever spike to return to the hospital. Otherwise they would contact us later with any further blood test results. He was told to stay out of crowds and to report any changes in his temp or so forth. I will keep this updated.

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