Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seans Update on White Blood Cell Count

Sean was told he has around nine more radiation treatments and two more cycles of chemotherapy to be expected. They drew blood at his radiation appointment and said his white blood cell count was down so tommorows radiation was put off until he has his appointment with De Sousa Monday. He says he feels fine but has spent alot of time on the couch napping the pass few days. He is complaining about his throat due to radiation so I am making him chocolate shakes with peanut butter and wheat germ to try and keep his tummy full. I went andalso bought some carnation breakfest and several other things to help him get through the next few weeks. I amhoping his count can get back to normal between now and Monday so he won't need another transfusion and won't miss anymore radiation. Thank you to anyone who is keeping up with this blog and Have a Happy Halloween.

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