Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Appointments and Transfusions

Sean had an appointment with his oncologist Monday. She was positive about how Sean has been doing with his treatments and told him she wanted him to get his blood drawn at cottage (the smaller hospital closer to our home) Once at cottage they went ahead and drew a few vials of blood and told Sean they would call him Tuesday morning if his count/hemoglobin looked good enough to not need a transfusion. Tuesday morning we arrived at cottage at eight a.m. His hemoglobin was up so they called his oncologist to see if she still wanted Sean to recieve the blood transfusion,she did. They began the transfusion around quarter to 9 and it was the longest trasfusion ever. They did not use the pump(claiming it damages red blood cells which we have NEVER been told before)which made the transfusion take ridiculously longer, over three hours for Sean to recieve one unit of blood and he was scheduled for two. They started the second bag around noon and he did not finish until close to 3:30 p.m. Sean was upset with the length of time that the transfusion took. Afterwards we took the elevator down to the first floor and Sean was able to have his radiation treatment while we were there which he was happy to be back on schedule. His last radiation treatment should be next Thursday which is great. He had his radiation treatment today and we have Chemotherapy scheduled for tommorow. After tommorow Sean has three more actual days of Chemo to our knowledge. I will update as I know more.:)He weigh is around 170 at the moment and he is still eating fairly well.

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