Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something else in the Scan

Sean was suppose to have chemotherapy Thursday morning but instead we ended up at the hospital being admitted. When he woke up Thursday morning we were rushed because his schedule had been altered due to him missing radiation the week before. We realized both his chemotherapy and radiation both were scheduled for 10 a.m. When we realized this I began putting Sean some clothes togather to wear while dressing myself so we wouldn't be late. He asked me for the trashcan and before I knew it he had vomited in the floor. He threw up clear fluid and after a moment seemed fine. He told me he thought he had sat up too quickly and was now okay. Once we were at radiation he threw up again in the radiation room. He came out carrying a pink tub and the doctor there told us that she thought it would be best for him to go to the downtown hospital for admittance on arrival. She explained due to the past mets of Seans cancer she was being cautious. Once we arrived at the hospital we went to the Chemotherapy floor and instead of his chemo Sean recieved some fluids through his PICC line. We sat there waiting for him to be admitted until almost 2:30 pm. Once in his room they took several vials of blood and scheduled for Sean to have either an MRI or Cat scan. Around one in the morning they took Sean down for his MRI then took him later around five in the morning for his CAT scan. We were expected only one of the scans but ended up with both. Near 10 am on Friday one of the hospital doctors came in and spoke with us and said she believed the old "dead" lesion in Seans brain was the same and nothing was new. A few hours later another doctor came in and told us otherwise.After looking at the MRI and CAT scans they determined there was another mass in Seans brain on the opposite side. They were suprised that it had not been bothering him and that he had only vomited Thursday morning. The paper called it"A new large peripherally enhancing right parietal occipital lobe mass with diffuse surrounding vasogenic edema and with mass effect on the occipital horn of the right lateral ventricle". They gave him Zophran,Compazine and Decadron. They decided to schedule him for Simulation Sterotactic Radiosurgery this coming Monday morning. They decided also to discharge him Saturday around lunch time because all of his symptoms were well under control and in great shape considering. His chemotherapy has been placed on hold as his doctor said the brain takes priority over the lung but they will continue the radiation on the lung which is scheduled to end next Thursday. I will update when I have more. I also added apicture I took of him during discharge.

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