Monday, November 9, 2009

After Surgery

We arrived at the hospital around nine this morning. Sean called ahead about the radiation on his lung and they had chosen not to do it first thing this morning. They told him to be at the hospital by nine this morning however for his procedure. Once there we were taken back to a room and the doctor went over the procedure with us while a nurse hooked Sean up to an IV and got him a gown. They went ahead and took him back and made the mask again for his surgery which took around twenty minutes. Afterwards he came back to the waiting room and we decided to go and get some lunch in the cafeteria. After lunch it was near noon and once we reached the radiation floor the nurse came out to the waiting room and told Sean he could come back and go ahead and get his radiation for his chest out of the way. Afterwards we went back and got Sean another drink from the cafeteria. When we returned they were ready to do his procedure which took all of fifteen minutes. We were told that Sean would be weened off his prescription of steroids and that they would check the spot in 6-8 weeks. They also informed us that today was the last day for Seans radiation on his lung which was awesome. They told us that they had intentionally scheduled an "overkill" to make sure they got all of the tumor with radiation and Sean has recieved a very good dose of the treatment. Seans chemo has been placed on hold until either next week or when they contact us. He says he feels fine and thankfully the steroid has gave him quite an appetite.

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