Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sean the past few days

Sean had been acting a little better the past few days. Since his radiosurgery he has been eating a heck of alot(I blame the steroids partially) and has been carrying on as if everything is normal. He seems to be a little slow lately but that is fine with me as long as he is okay. His face is a tad swollen which they said was normal and he has been sleeping pretty good also. He has had some mood swings and is worried at the moment concerning his health insurance coverage and so forth. I keep telling him not to worry about it so much but it doesn't help. He had an outburst the other day that really upset me when I was asking him what he wanted to so for the upcoming holidays. Where he wanted to go for instance, my parents house or stay here (we usually do both on xmas). He told me he couldn't make that decision at the moment with everything else bothering him. I asked him what he meant and he said that the fact he could be loosing his insurance was bothering him. He told me he was really overwhelmed and that he wanted to know what was going on and if he was living or dying. I got real upset and had to leave the room long enough to calm myself down. The fact he is worrying about these things is rough to deal with and I have tried real hard to calm any fears that he may have all through this. I told him not tobe so worried that anything that comes at us we will handle when we have to and just enjoy the holidays as much as possible. The second spot they found in his brain has discouraged him I believe and was one less thing he needed to worry about. Hopefully his doctor will have something positive to say Thursday.

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