Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seans newest appointment

Sean had an appointment to have his PICC flushed at around 1 pm today and then another appointment at 3 pm with his oncologist. Once there she seemed aggravated which is never a good feeling to get from a doctor. She was very cut and dry and told us that Sean was to still have his scheduled Chemotherapy next Friday instead of Thursday due to the fact Thursday is a holiday. She said that they wanted to schedule beforehand a PET scan to see how the Chemo thus far has helped the lung cancer. She said if the chemotherapy has not helped or if the tumor has grown that they will be using a new Chemo drug Friday. She then said she was optimistic that the tumor had shrunk but still wanted Sean to take some medications prior to next Friday. She prescribed him a Folic Acid pill and a B12 shot, the shot being given whenever needed. She also gave Sean a paper releasing him back to work as of the 30th of this month which made him feel alot better. He said if he could manage working on his Chemo alone he would go back to work which I hope he can handle because I believe hed feel better and be less restless. His pulse was around 112 and his blood pressure was normal as was his tempature. He also has gained weight and is back up to 180 which makes me very happy. I will update as I know more.

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