Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seans radiosurgery 2

We went to Seans appointment today with his chemotherapist and the news is not as good as we were hoping. We were thinking there was a possibilty of a new lesion in his brain because of the appointment being scheduled so soon (he was not suppose to see his chemotherapist until a month from Dec 28) but found out that was not the case. He had a scan of his brain done last Friday and they scheduled the appointment today to discuss the results. Apparently the most recent tumor has not grown and appears to be dead/dying but the first tumor in his brain has grown..enough that they want to do radiation on the entire brain. His doctor prescribed him steroids again because he has a good amount of swelling from both lesions which is why he has had headaches and has thrown up a few times this week. The doctor made the comment that she was not going to sugar coat and that things were not looking good. Sean has another appointment in the morning with the radiosurgeron and may begin radiosurgery treatment as soon as Monday. His doctor told us the side effects from complete brain radiation could be a whole new ballgame and fatigue was definitely a huge portion. Combined with the radiosurgery she also will be prescribing him an oral chemotherapy drug to help the radiation along. The Chemotherapy drug from what the doctor said also has some rough side effects. She said his immune system will be disabled and his white blood count will be awful so she will be also prescribing him antibiotics. We will know more tommorow as for side effects and the day he will start this treatment. They are scheduling an MRI for his chest to make sure his lung is still stable. If it is they intend to place further treatment on his lung on hold as the brain has priority on the lung. Sean said he is trying to let this all sink in and I am very upset. I will update this after his appointment tommorow.

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