Monday, January 18, 2010

Seans radiosurgery appointment(Most recent)

We went to Seans other appointment today. It was seriously like night and day speaking with the radiosurgeon. The radiosurgeon said the first tumor is bigger then it was when they took a scan in November but not as big as it was when they first found it in April. The second tumor is in necrosis still which is good. The doctor was not sold on the ideal of full brain radiation and he also thinks that the amount of swelling on Seans brain maybe caused from the radiation treatment he had in November. He also said that the size of the first tumor maybe swelling caused also by the treatment in November. He is having Sean stay on the steroid over the weekend and is having a specific MRI scheduled for him next week. If there is something they find besides swelling in the MRI they may go ahead and do just spot radiation again verses the whole brain treatment. On the positive side it may just all be swelling which is what we are praying for. Sean is in a real good mood today especially after the appointment. He is having a few issues with his peripheral vision on the left side and some balancing but both we were told is from the swelling. He is alot like himself today and seems to feel really great

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