Friday, March 19, 2010

Downtown Hospital & new tumors

When we arrived at the Henry Ford Hospital Sean was taken to the oncology floor and given a room. We had a doctor come in and check on him and try and gather what she believed maybe going on. She checked his vital signs and a few other things and she allowed us to ask questions and give information. She told us they would probably do a CAT scan in the morning. His mother and I decided to go home to allow him to get some sleep in after such a long day. The next morning around 8 am we recieved a call that Sean was going into surgery and that his spine was compressed. That is all that we were told and nothing more. Once at the hospital we were told to wait in the surgical lounge as we had a few times in the past. They gave us his case number and we sat and watched the monitor until his case came up. It read that he was in procedure for awhile and then changed to discharge for nearly two hours. It seemed at that point no one could find Sean either in surgery or recovery. The nurse at the front desk called all over until finally they told us he was being moved to the 6ICU floor. At least we then after several hours of not knowing what was going on knew he was alive and was being taken care of. Apparently the hospital had had some patient overflow and Sean was in the Pre Op recovering as the Recovery rooms were filled up. We waited at the 6ICU floor for over and hour without hearing anything and then went back to the surgical lounge and had the nurse hunt him down again. He finally made it to his room near 6 pm and we still had not spoken with a doctor or even really knew what was going on that required surgery.
Sean told us they had did a CAT scan as planned and discovered that he had two new tumors on his spine. The surgeon made the decision to go ahead and perform the removal process of both tumors. One tumor was actually in the spine as the other one was on the outside of it. Sean cannot move his legs at the moment and is slowly getting sensation back in them. He cannot lift his arms but can move his hands and so forth. He recieved two "bags"of blood after the surgery and I cannot even begin to list what all medications and so on they have given him so far. We decided to again go home to sleep and to allow him some good rest without distraction so we went home last night. When we left he was talking and was in real good spirits.

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