Friday, March 19, 2010

Hospital Visit to Bi County

Tuesday night we tried to get Sean to the couch so he could stretch out and failed. He ended up having to sleep in the floor. I changed his clothes once he was lying flat and made him as comfotable as possible. I noticed his feet were ice cold and I sat in the floor and rubbed them for quite awhile believing he wasn't getting enough circulation to them. He complained of a little upset stomach around 5 am so I made him some peanut butter toast and he also took one of his anti nausea pills. He was fast asleep within a few minutes and I made sure he was covered well and went to sleep. In the night his bladder let loose and he was pretty soaked in the morning. He was not able to move his legs and his mother I both got really concerned fast. He was not complaining of pain like before but I was convinced something was wrong so I called his radiation doctor, Dr. Dragovic. Her nurse answered and I explained what had been going on and asked if she believed it to still be caused by the steroids. She told me that Sean needed to be evaluated by a doctor and that she could not say yes or no if it was all being caused by the steroids. She went as far to express that Dr. Dragovic was only expressing a possibility before not a definite cause of Sean recent weakness. I clarified that I was aware of that but she was the doctor that dosed the steroid as well as gave Sean the instructions to taper the drug as well as to resume it if any problems occured.So he naturally would have came to her with any questions concerning any problems while on the steroid. I hung up with the nurse and we contacted the ems to come and transport Sean to the Bi-County ER as we could not carry him to the car. They arrived shortly after and we followed them to the hospital.

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