Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday with Sean

When we arrived Seans nurse was fixing to do an assessment on him so she at least let us see him a few minutes before having us go out a few minutes. He was really active and biting his tubes, moving his tongue and trying to talk to me. He was moving his head and knew we were in the room with him. He isn't happy about the tubes in his throat and when I asked him if he wanted them removed he almost broke my hand squeezing it. It makes me feel pretty helpless as I know they are trying to make him better with the ventilator and that removing it now might not do him good at the moment. The nurse said that they turned off the ventilator a little today and that Sean did good for a few and then his oxygen went down a little so they turned it back on. I am not sure how long he was off it at the moment so I will have to ask when able. He is still on 50% however and the nurse said he was progressing which is great. I will update more soon.

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