Friday, March 12, 2010

New situations

Sean has been slowly changing after his last WBR treatment and most of it had seemed to be mental until recent. He has been pretty aggressive and has trouble remembering things like he once did. He gets confused occassionally and at times takes on a child like personality which is the most uncomfortable thing so far. Here lately his balance has been off and he has been complaining of pain that I am not entirely sure he is feeling. He claims his upper back is hurting and his inner part of his arm. I have religiously been putting icy hot on him almost every other hour around the clock and he has continued to take ibuprophen for pain. It tends to get worse at night and he doesn't seem as affected through the day. His one doctor told him to taper off on the steroids he has been taking which he has and had skipped them yesterday. He has became dependant on me and his mother to do several things for him and has became fairly demanding. There are a few other things that have been going on but I have chosen not to share them publicly in respect to Sean. He seems to be having a hard time walking the pass few days and his left arm is not cooperating nor is his right leg as he is dragging it a little. I have asked him to make a doctor appointment and he instead argues with me and refuses. Yesterday I had chose to stay up most of the night until near morning to keep Sean company as he has not been able to make it into bed. He would wake up every other hour to go use the bathroom or want me to put more icy hot on him, etc. Around 6 am I told him I was going to go get some rest as I had had a tooth pulled early and was wore down. He told me okay and that he didn't need anything. I woke back up around 6:30 am to use the restroom and check on Sean. He was sitting in the floor and had apparently fell down. I helped him back into the couch and went back to bed about 45 minutes later. I was awoke around 10 am by a slightly frantic Sean who somehow had let our cat outside (indoor cat) and I had to go and retrieve it. I laid back down and when I awoke again Sean was in the computer room playing online poker and was acting fairly normal. His arm is still not cooperating but he seemed a little better. I had encouraged him to take a steroid last night in case of swelling and he agreed. I made him promise that if he was not better by Monday he would call and schedule an appt with his doctor and get checked out. He has one scheduled for the 31st of March but I am not comfortable with letting these new side effects wait to be looked into for that long. Ill update when I know more.

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