Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sean not well

Last night was one of the longest nights I have had with Sean in awhile. When I finally was able to get him to the bedroom he was having a real hard time getting into bed. He ended up having to use the small trash can in the room to urinate in as he could not make it to the bathroom and I can not carry him as I was home alone. We went to bed near four in the morning and he was in the floor around 7 am after trying to go to the bathroom and falling. After an hour I was able to get him back into bed and he tried to resume sleep. He has been almost totally dependant on me the past two days and it is becoming scary. His left arm and right leg is not working right and he is complaining about pain in his back and also that his right arm is bothering him now also. His mother went and purchased a walker to assist him from the bedroom otherwise he would not of made it out with just us supporting him. He has remained on the couch most of the day. He seems in a good mood considering but lacks appetite and is not willing to go to the hospital tonight. He has agreed to contact a doctor tommorow or visit the hospital. He is not totally clear this evening and is a little confused. Right now he is laying in the recliner covered with a blanket waiting for supper to be ready. He is back to taking one steroid in the morning, meaning he upd his dose following his doctors recommendations if there were any problems following WBR. I will update as I know more.

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