Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday & Monday

Sean was pretty talkative Sunday and Monday was the complete opposite. They took him off the pump morphine and changed his pain management to pills. He was drugged up for most of the day and was grouchie when he was awake. He ate his dinner without problems and the oxygen has been moved down to 50% instead of 100% which is great. He is maintaining a 94 overall oxygen level which is pretty good considering. We had an ICU doctor come in and discuss advanced directives today which upset and made pretty much all of us uncomfortable. The doctor was talking about how Seans illness was incurable which is a word that has never been used concerning him. The doctor was encouraging Sean to let others know of his wishes if he were to get worse or unable to speak for himself. I did not care for the conversation regardless whether it was necessary or not. Seans friend Eric came to visit Sean even though he was semi consious throughout the visit. I did not like the nurse who was attending Sean this evening. She was rude to me and seemed to not be listening to him as much as I believed was needed. He was comfortable when we left him and was dozing in and out. He had me let him kiss my cheek before I left which made me feel alot better. He still has not been able to move his legs but his arms seem to be improving greatly. I was bothered alot today by a bruise on Seans right hand which I still have not recieved an answer in how it came to be. I intend to post a picture here as well as one of us doing our crossword puzzle. I will update as I know more.

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