Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday with Sean

I got to the hospital early today. Seans mother had prior plans so I have been here most of the day alone. Sean was in a decent mood today but his oxygen is still the same. He is at 50% and needs to be about half that. He is still pretty grouchie and was ready to have lunch fairly soon after I arrived. They have had to bound his arms apparently when he sleeps because he is pulling his leads out, I found two arm binds on Seans bed and he told me as much. They have decided to change his medication again to a lesser dose to help promote better breathing. I am not sure what it has been changed to quite yet and will ask the doctor when able. I would ask Sean but he is still fairly confused from the medication. He has not moved his legs but his arms are still doing well. Right before lunch an aide was changing his oxygen mask to a breathing tube and the hose attached to the solution he breathes popped out of the wall shooting solution up Seans nose. I grabbed the tube out of his nose and he was very panicked from the liquid in his nose and seemed pretty scared. He kept repeating there was water up his nose and I got him to calm down a little and relax. He had lunch without problems and had me take a wet wash cloth with soap and wash off his face, arms and hands. The nurse came in and wanted to give him potassium as his was low and as soon as it was in his IV he began to complain his hand hurt (which is where the needle for the IV is). The nurse stopped the medication and decided to put it into a different IV, a larger one so as not to hurt Sean. Afterwards Sean was trying to take a nap and was interrupted again by another woman wanting to do an ultrasound of his heart. The doctor had spoken with us yesterday about checking the heart to make sure there was no hole in it. He believed it could be causing Seans issue of not getting better faster with his oxygen. He had to be moved about several times which caused him discomfort. I do believe his nurse is a tad new as she seems pretty unaware that she is at work most times. It worries me. After the ultrasound they wanted to do something where they put air bubbles in Seans heart to check something that way. There was several nurses in here so I excused myself to offer more room for them to take care of him and went to the lobby for a small snack. When I returned he was very much asleep and his oxygen is at 91 at the moment. His dinner should be arriving soon. I will update more as I know more.

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