Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday with Sean

Today has been alot different then yesterday. We recieved a call at 5 am from the hospital informing us that they had decided to put Sean on a ventilator this morning. From the way I understand it he fought them on it for several hours but eventually they had him put on the machine. When we arrived today his mother and I were pretty upset to see him in such a state. He does look like he is resting however and is no longer having any problems with his oxygen. We spoke to his oncologist earlier as she stopped by for a few moments to check on Seans progress. She had some pretty saddening news to share with us during her visit. Apparently the tumor in Seans lung has spread to the nodules in his other lung. I asked her about his chances in this current situation. They believe him to have a temperature and are ordering blood cultures that should be finished by tommorow. They are checking for pneumonia and any other infections he may have that has caused the temperature spike. I personally believe it to be not only the temperature in the room but the fact he has pillows around him and is coughing. His doctor however said that if he pulled through this she isn't sure there is much more they can do for him. She said that even if they treat the lung cancer they are not sure what else they can do to assist in the brain portion of the cancer as well as the now spot on the spine where the tumors were removed. His doctor said that none of this looked good and it hadn't from the start but the fact he is so young they were hopeful. I am not really sure what to do at the moment but I will continue to update as I know more. I took a picture of him and will put it up on my next post. It isn't a flattering one but still

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