Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Night

I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked with Sean today but understood he needed all the rest he could get. His sister in law Jennifer and her mother came to see him as well as his uncle bob and his bestfriend Eric and his wife. Tonight was emotional for everyone. When I talked to Sean today even though he was sedated he responded to me by moving his finger and thumb on my hand. When I kissed his cheek or forehead hed wrinkle up his brow and make a face that he knew I was there. He acknowledge his friend Eric also with facial expressions. It is really hard to see him in this state for everyone and we are praying that he gets better fast. The nurse on shift was recommending prayer which I found a little across the line. No one had stopped praying since the day Sean was diagnosed and the nurse had no right to give the impression Sean was beyond getting better. It sounds like I am overreacting in how she acted but I really am not. She did tell me the reason Sean was placed on the ventilator was he asked the doctor to help him breathe and this is how they chose to do it for the moment. He had a fever that started to break before I left which was good. I'll update when I know more

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