Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday in the Hospital

When we arrived Sean was still on the ventilator but is doing well. I had made a call at 4 am to check on Sean with the nurse before I laid down to sleep. She said his fever had broke and went way down and that he was comfortable and doing fine. There is no word yet whether he indeed has an infection as they have not recieved the cultures back yet. Today he is responsive when I talk to him and when I kiss his head he crinkles his forehead and makes a weird face. I keep talking to him and he lets me know he can hear me by moving his fingers. When we were asked to briefly leave the room so the nurse could do her assessment on Sean I turned his television to the History channel and laid the remote speaker up near where he could hear it. The respiratory therapist came in early and suctioned Seans lungs out. He was silently coughing which she said was great because he was getting some phlegm up and his gag reflex was working well. Yesterday he was recieving 60% oxygen and the monitor was reading that Sean had a 94 oxygen level. Today the therapist informed is that Seans oxygen had been taken down to 50% and he is still remaining at 94 and higher which is really great. He looks good and I have rubbed his arms and hands a little as well as his feet just to let him know that we are around him and he has nothing to be worried about. I will update more as I know more. Seans sister in law is suppose to come visit him again today so we are going to go see if she is here yet.

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