Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday with Sean

Sean had alot of company Sunday. His niece, her mother and her mothers sister came to see Sean today as well as his uncle Bob and cousin Sarah, Seans dad and Seans friend Eric. Sean wasn't as active as normal due to medication. They have him on four antibiotics now to fight the pneumonia and he is staying well hydrated. He spiked a 103.o temp yesterday and the nurse went from ice packs to a cooling blanket to help him break the fever. His father visited with him alot today and Sean seemed pretty okay and was tolerating the medications he is recieving well. They had his temp down alot before we left at near 3 am this morning. We didn't leave until late because Seans oxygen went weird and we were not content to leave until we knew what was going on. The nurse changed his oxygen pulse oximeter and his oxygen plummeted to 70% which scared me quite a bit. She tried to move it to his finger from his forehead and then to his ear. She turned his oxygen up to 100% and had an x-ray taken of Seans chest. The RN said the xrays were pretty identical as they had taken one yesterday she said. She thinks it was something as simple as a portion of his lung may have collapsed around the tumor and then corrected itself. She said at first she was concerned with maybe a blood clot had passed through Seans leg but then remembered he had the screen in his leg and dismissed it. He was at 100% when we left. I called when we got home and I made sure Sean was still stable before going to bed.

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