Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Night

Sean "watched" the hockey game tonight with us. He was quiet but I made sure that the speaker for the remote was near his ear where he could hear what was going on in the game. His brother is to arrive Monday from Iraq to see Sean as well as others are expected to be stopping by to visit him. Seans stats were good when we left which was later then normal. His friend Eric and his wife came by later this evening to see Sean. I made sure the nurse for the evening was asked to change the dressing on the left arm over one of his IVs. It had not been changed in a few days and was looking like it needed it. She was very nice and answered any questions I had. They said Sean had a small temp this morning but was gone by evening. They are still treating him for the pneumonia however and he seems to be doing well as we left. I intend to call the nurse before I lay down to sleep tonight just to check on Sean. Will write more as I know more.

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