Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday with Sean

Sean looks pretty good today. The nurse told us when we came in that they had upd his oxygen to 60% because he had a little trouble breathing which is still okay. I was speaking to him and said "How are you today Sean?" and he opened his eyes a moment and looked at me. He responded to me wiping his eyes and face with a warm wet washcloth and when I mentioned that hockey was on tonight. He seems tired today so we are trying to stay quiet and let him rest as much as possible. I noticed some very small blisters on his collarbone which I mentioned to the nurse. She said she believed it was heat rash and she would keep an eye on it for us. I checked a few spots on Sean to make sure he wasn't getting any pressures ulcers which his skin still looks pretty good. He will be having alot of visitors in the future days as his sister in law has informed family on his fathers side about his condition. We just keep praying for something to help him to get better, please pray for him with us.

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