Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday with Sean Again

Sean was resting well when we left last night. I called the nurse about him around 3 am and the nurse who answered told me there was no change concerning Sean and that his nurse was giving him a bath and I could call back in thirty minutes. I told her no that was fine and thank you. When we arrived today Sean was pretty calm and his stats were great. They had moved him down to 60% oxygen but of course he still has the C-Diff so we have to suit up to sit with him. The day nurse allowed Seans mother and me to sit with him for an hour without disturbing us. We went downstairs to grab a drink while she did her assessment at around four in the evening. We ran into Seans brother and his wife in the lobby and all of us returned to his room shortly after without problems. The day nurse was awesome and allowed all four of us to sit with him a few hours and watch a movie. His stats were pretty good most of that time. They put a Colostomy bag on Sean yesterday due to the C-Diff and some of its side effects. The bag is basically to just ensure Sean stays clean and comfortable. We had to leave at seven this evening so the nurse could do shift change and so forth so we went and had dinner. When we returned Seans sister in law had left early as she needed to go to work in the morning. His mother and brother remained and we went upstairs to see Sean. The nurse said someone else was already back seeing Sean and it happened to be Uncle Bob. I was assuming it was Seans friend Eric who had told us yesterday he was coming to see Sean then changed it today and had not yet showed up. I spent a few minutes in with Bob and then he said he needed to go home as he had also been here earlier today. I sat with Sean for a few minutes and he was pretty agitated. His blood pressure was a tad high and I sat there with him for a few minutes then his mother joined me. I told her that I would like the DNR removed on Sean. She said shed handle it and asked the nurse to speak to the doctor about changing that specific order. The nurse made a comment that Sean seems to get agitated when he has family in the room I told her he had four visitors at once today and was doing real well so I did not agree with her. She is not allowing but two visitors at a time so I am sitting in the lounge and Seans mom and brother are back in the room with him. I will update as I know more.

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