Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter with Sean

When we arrived at the hospital Sean mother had arranged for a deacon from her church to come and pray with us and Sean. Sean family is catholic as I am not so some of the prayers I was not familiar with but nonetheless prayed with everyone. We also had a hymm of Amazing Grace as well as the the body of christ. Sean cried a little even though he is fairly sedated as well as made faces and gripped my hand. I told him in his ear that if he was staying for me and he is in pain to please not to as I do not want him hurting anymore. I then told him if he is not in pain I will fight with him as long as he wants. I also told him in no way was I saying I was giving up on him. Which I never will. We had a good long visit with him early today and watched some television with him. We went out of the room for lunch and when we returned the nurse was asking us to put on protective gear and gloves. Apparently after doing a few tests they discovered Sean has C-Diff which now due to it we have to be careful not to also catch it. They said it could be why they were suspecting an infection. They have given him anti-biotics for it. He is fairly comfortble considering and was sorta snoring earlier. We had easter dinner brought to us by Seans brothers wifes family which was super sweet. I have not been back in to see Sean but intend on it before leaving. It is already midnight.

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