Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Sean

When we arrived today Seans brother and sister in law were already in Seans room. The doctor had came and talked to them about the update of Seans condition. One thing he told us was that they were at top pressure for Sean and to do anymore as for the pressure could make one of his lungs bust. He has a slight fever and he really is not doing any better then yesterday. The doctor said that his blood pressure keeps going down and suggested a medication to regulate it artificially. Honestly things have changed so drastically and fast over the pass few days I am having a hard time keeping up. I am hoping and praying for every day we get with Sean and it feels like we are loosing them fast. I am at a loss for words and I do feel my heart is breaking everytime they tell us something else negative. Sean has had several visitors today. His sister in laws sister Kelly, his niece and her mother, his brother and sister in law, Uncle Bob and his two girls, his other sister in laws sister renee and her husband,both my parents, his friend Eric and his wife, his mother and me. He is so precious to me and living without him seems so impossible. I pray for him to live through this but right now I just don't know anymore. We have a priest coming tommorow to say a prayer with Sean and we still do not know what is next. Please pray for Sean and all of the people who love him.

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