Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday with Sean

Well we have recieved some pretty depressing news about Seans current status. We spoke to the doctor yesterday as I said about speaking to the cancer doctors concerning Sean and a tracheotomy. They had us come in today at 2:30pm and the meeting included his oncologist, the resident doctor and a critical care doctor. They described everything thats been going on thus far, things we were already aware of. They told us that the cancer had spread to Seans liver and it looked to be spreading more in the cleaner lung. They have him at 100% oxygen and are having to force pressure into his lungs to keep him well. He is at a good amount of sedation but is still squeezing our hands and responding. They said that no one would touch him to do a tracheotomy at this point because they believe it would be pointless and the fact he is now at 100% oxygen. They are pretty confident Sean will not be with us much longer and were discussing things such as DNR (do not resuscitate) which was agreed upon to assure Sean experiences no more pain. They do believe there is not much more they can do for him and told us we should speak with the hospice people today. After an emotional aftermath of speaking with the doctors we all went in to see Sean who was listening to everything we were talking about. He was pretty calm and we spent some time with him before leaving a few to talk to the hospice people. Once in the room with them they started explaining the hospice process. They described details about what would happen if we agreed to enroll Sean into hospice. They would remove the ventilator and make sure he was comfortable. They described the things we could expect once he more or less begins to pass. Many were a little much for me to hear and I began crying. I must admit I am a complete emotional tornado at the moment and I think anyone in my situation would be. We have not agreed to hospice yet. The day and all the news alone was alot to digest. Seans mother is in visiting with him now and I am in the waiting room updating this. I intend to go back in and see Sean before we go home. I do think he will be fine this evening and hopefully rest well throughout the night. As of today however Sean has beaten cancer a year. We love you Sean

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