Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday News

This week has been really hectic but I do have a little news concerning Sean. His oxygen is going up and down and it seems like the nurses and doctors are not really sure where he stands. They tend to call it destating when Seans oxygen drops into the 80s but in truth I have seen him as low as 70% when he had his lung surgery. I do not put alot of faith into a few of the nurses who care for Sean as they seem to have no people skills. Seans brother, myself and his mother spoke with a doctor today, one whom from speaking with him seemed to not have a good understanding of Sean or his illness. The doctor halfway through the talk asked us if we knew the cancer had spread to the brain......I was really upset. He was very negative. Seans brother was under the impression that if Sean recieved a tracheotomy he would breath better, be more comfortable, possibly improve, a stew of positive things until speaking with this doctor which was not the same as he had first spoke to. Seans brother had spoken with a different doctor and the one we all spoke with was as I said negative. He wouldn't commit to anything the other doctor had said. He acted as if it would not improve Seans situation. Seans mouth is very sore and red from the tubes in his mouth. I have been trying to to keep it clean as much as possible. They are keeping him heavily sedated and one of the nurses was pretty rude to us about Sean and his agitation. She told us that he became agitated everytime his family was in the room...I am sure he does get active when we are in the room, I do not doubt that at all. Not to mention they have him sedated and on a ventilator knowing he can hear everything they are saying so when he hears a familiar voice he undoubtly gets excited. The doctor told us we should consider talking to the cancer doctors before committing to a tracheotomy. He was clueless about alot concerning Sean. He mentioned topics such as Hospice and making plans to keep Sean comfortable. I for one am not willing to give up on him or his treatment. The doctor said that they could not treat Sean for the cancer while he was on the Ventilator as if we were not aware of that already. He acted as that fact alone was enough for us to throw in the towel. I went in and sat with Sean for a little while last night. His left arm looked bad where there is a IV in his wrist. It was bloody and they still have him wearing restraints. I left the restraint off and went and found his nurse. I asked her about it and she was very rude and told me she was going to replace it. I left the restraint off as it is pulling out the needle in Seans arm and it cannot feel good. When I called a few hours later from the house to check on Sean before bed the first thing his nurse did was start asking about the restraint. Shes was like his restraint was left off and he is awake. She was very very rude to me not only at the hospital but on the phone and talked to me as if I am a child. I had only left the restraint off because I thought she was going to do her job and tend to his arm as she said she was going to. I intend to speak to her boss this morning. Sean last night was resting and his oxygen was decent. I will update as I know more.

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