Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday again with Sean

We ended up staying with Sean until near 2 am. His stats had dropped really fast to where we were really concerned that he was in trouble. It undoubtly was another lung pocket as before that had made his stats drop again. Today when we arrived he had another fever of 103.0 and the nurse was trying to get his temp to drop. He was doing fairly well as far as stats and he was sleeping really well. His mother and I were taking wet washclothes to cool him off as best we could. We stayed in the room with him most of the day. We had asked about getting Sean moved to a private room the other day and the nurse went to ask about it earlier. They said they did not want to move Sean due to the fact they would have to disconnect him from the ventilator and they did not want to try that. His mother and I went to get lunch late around four in the evening and then came back and sat with Sean until around seven in the evening. His brother and sister in law came and seen him for a few then his brother chose to stay with us and sit with Sean awhile longer. His Uncle Bob had decided to stay with Sean until four this morning which was really nice. We moved out of his room around seven in the evening so his nurse could come in and do her assessment. We are heading back in now to Seans room. We are going to turn the Red Wings hockey game on the television so Sean can hear it and we can watch it with him awhile. I will update as I know more.

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