Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday & Friday With Sean

Sean had a fever and it was broken fairly well by Friday morning. Thursday his mother, I and Sean watched television for most of the day with him and then his brother came to see him for a few. We washed his face, hands and feet and helped to do rotations on his arms and feet. His uncle Bob also came to visit him and we watched the history channel with him for a few. Sean still had a fever when we left last night and his blood pressure was a little weird. I called when I got home and the nurse said he was fine, his blood pressure was low but was resting. When we arrived this morning Seans oxygen was at 100% which is great and his blood pressure and heart rate is excellent. His fever was broken and they still had him under the cooling blanket. We were asked to leasve for a few while they do there afternoon assessment. Seans brother & mother are speaking with a doctor about future paths in Seans care. I am out in the waiting room updating this. I will update more as I know more.

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